About Us

About Us

The Amici Trust was formed in 2011 to encourage participation in all aspects of performing arts through its productions, workshops and network. The Trust aims to bring quality and affordable theatre to Auckland. It was also established to provide a vehicle for aspiring performers, musicians and crew and to gain experience on the ‘big’ stage in the likes of the Civic and ASB Waterfront Theatres, using the pro-am model.

The Trust’s last production was Phantom of the Opera. Staged in 2016, it attracted an audience of over 31,000. The people of Auckland readily embraced the concept of the pro-am model, proof of which can be seen by the reviews on Ticketmaster and Auckland Live websites.

In November/December 2017 the Trust will once again bring quality theatre to Auckland. Sister Act, widely known due to the successful film starring Whoopi Goldberg, will be staged at the ASB Waterfront Theatre.

Through the Trust’s database we will continue to grow our network of talented and passionate individuals who want to participate in the performing arts and see its continued growth for the betterment of our Community.



The Amici Trust is committed to providing an environment that encourages people to participate in all aspects of performing arts through its productions, workshops and network.


To foster excellence in the performing arts for the enjoyment of all New Zealanders and to provide a platform for development in all areas of the arts.



GROW – to deliver and evolve on a sustainable platform
ENJOY – to have fun with like minded people
INTEGRITY – to be ethical “our word is our bond”
PROFESSIONAL – to be recognised as a dynamic, passionate and high achieving organisation